Feeling Adventurous?

Beginning spring 2020, we wish to engage with more like-minded folk and we think the best way to do so is for us to bring folk together and arrange for us to experience the Scottish Highlands – where we are based.


Each of our adventures will be filmed on GoPro's. We plan to conduct a few interviews along the way and get some answers to some pretty far-out questions. We can edit and blur out faces etc for folk that could lose their jobs etc, although we would encourage anyone that can be on camera to do so.


These experiences are completely cannabis-friendly with the reason being: you're an adult and its a plant. We never embark on a journey without our own selection of edibles and herb for our own consumption!


If you are interested in joining one of the group walks please get in touch bellow and you will be added to a mailing list and contacted with details of future events!