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The Highland Club

Who are we?

THC is a small collective of growers and breeders from across Scotland. We work together to achieve community and personal goals such as phenotype hunting and seed production.

Giving back...

We ask that our members are comfortable with dedicating time to the Scottish cannabis community. This means giving up a few hours a month to write growing guides, donating hemp based products etc.

Be social!

Our cannabis-friendly social platform is in its final stages. Do you want to learn how you can get an invite code? Please use the button bellow for a more detailed look at what's in store!

Are you tired of the extremely biased, anti-cannabis stance of other social platforms?

Fancy being part of a grassroots movement aimed at built for cannabis community?

We have something you will definitely be interested in!

Grassroots | Cannabis-Friendly | Social Platform

Here at The Highland Club, we believe in giving back to the cannabis community. We have a firm belief that we as a community could all benefit from a social platform which at a foundational level fully accepts the facts about cannabis and its many qualities.

Although we are a wee bit away from public release, you can check our updates page by clicking here. If you wish to help out with the cost and donate to the page you can click here which will give you a wee bit of information on exactly where your donations go!

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