"How to Make Canna-Butter"

"Getting Started With Cannabutter"

Ingredients and Equipment:
• One Cup of Butter (250g)
• One Cup of Decarboxylated Cannabis Flower
• Saucepan
• Cheesecloth
• Storing Container (Mason Jar)
• Cannabis Grinder

Step 1
Grind the cannabis coarsely with a hand grinder. A fine powder makes it more difficult to activate the cannabinoids. That is why we do not recommend chopping it in your food processor or coffee grinder.
Step 2
Add one cup of water and the half stick of butter to a saucepan and let simmer on low until the butter starts to melt. The water will prevent the butter from burning. If you want to forego the water, we recommend using salted butter, since it has a higher smoke point. Otherwise, use unsalted butter, since it can be used in any recipe.

Step 3
Once the butter is melted, add your cannabis.
Step 4
Simmer on low heat (ideally around 70°C=160°F). The temperature should not exceed 90°C (200°F), because at that point your butter will start to burn. Let the mixture simmer for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Note: The steam emitting from the pot has a potent cannabis smell. If your landlord does not condone use in your building, consider making this at a more tolerant place.
Step 5
Set a funnel on top of your storing container and line the funnel with cheesecloth. Pour the mixture through the cloth and let it strain freely. Many other recipes will tell you to really squeeze out every bit of butter once the dripping has stopped. We recommend against that. It may push some not-so-great tasting plant material through your cloth.
Step 6
Close the lid on your container and refrigerate. If you’re afraid that there is still water left over in your mixture, do not be. After an hour or two, the butter should have solidified and excess water will have sunk to the bottom. Scoop out the butter or create a hole to drain the excess water. Voilà.
Step 7
This refrigerated-butter should be good for one month. To make it last longer, freeze it.

"Beginner’s Guide to Weed Butter"