Fancy giving us a hand?

We are always very grateful to anyone that can provide a bit of financial support towards the costs of developing our platform. All donations go towards paying and sourcing developers, website hosting, scripts and coding, future mobile applications and the upkeep of the website itself. Please understand that we have a lot of respect for anyone willing to give up a part of their income regardless of how much it may be. We make donations go VERY far and believe living with frugal connotation in nearly all aspects of life, we really can’t stand waste! You’d be surprised what you can achieve with your heart in the right place!

As the community starts to build we will introduce many physical elements. We’ve been traveling around the world for about 7 years now and most of the experiences we’ve had have really shaped who we are today and how we see the future. We believe the UK government will use Scotland as a testing ground for legalisation, as they have many times in the past. We believe they will make it illegal to grow your own and force us into an extortionately overpriced market and limit the type of products available. We believe that the only way to stop this is to come together as a community and share ideas.

Our costs so far:

  • We work with two separate hosts, both are very secure, extremely fast and reliable. Your data is stored offshore with a provider that really cares about online privacy. They do not answer the calls of local or international authorities and we have hosted online coffeeshops with them twice in the past.

  • Our source codes, scripts and installations have been customised to fit the communities needs. A decent developer is around £30 per hour although we have struck a few deals with some developers by guaranteeing them more work in the future.

  • Our mobile apps are a work in progress although we expect to release them between late 2019 and early 2020. They are native apps which means they are able to interact with functions on your phone like different types of notifications, cross -app integrations etc

If you wish to contact us for more information please fill out the form bellow!