Welcome to a new era of social media...

Our social platform comes with space to attractively display your Wickr username, all your data is stored safely offshore and mobile applications are just months from release.

¬†Over the last few years, we’ve battled with many social media platforms. We have lost a total of 12 accounts and approximately 30,000 followers on instagram alone. We fully understand the frustration and heart-break this can cause. Depending on how much time and effort you spend building your account – it can feel like a wee part of you has died inside. For a lot of people living outside of the city, including ourselves, it’s a door to the rest of the world. A way to keep in contact with those that matter.

Cannabis Friendly

Unlike nearly every other social platform that exists, we're against the lies surrounding cannabis and not the actual plant itself. We have dedicated our new social platform to The Scottish Cannabis Community in a hope that they use it to come together before the UK take away our right to grow and set extortionate market prices/ taxes.

We have features in-place to ensure you can grow your business and you will never have to fear unfairly losing your account.