The site has come a long way since it was established in 2017.

Born in Glasgow and established in The Scottish Highlands, our only goal is to provide a place for people across Scotland to connect with others locally and around the world without prejudice. Over the last few years, we’ve battled with many social media platforms. We have lost a total of 12 accounts and approximately 30,000 followers on instagram alone. We fully understand the frustration and heart-break this can cause. Depending on how much time and effort you spend building your account – it can feel like a wee part of you has died inside. For a lot of people living outside of the city, including ourselves, it’s a door to the rest of the world. A way to keep in contact with those that matter.

On the other side of the coin we have local business. The effects of losing an account for a local business owner can be catastrophic and yet using social media is an absolute must if you wish to grow your customer following. The impact can include threat to income, public image and customer base. We find this completely unacceptable. The fact that even the medicinal use of cannabis determines whether or not you can exist in society, or barely survive, borders with the prejudice of racism and bigotry. We feel it’s wrong that your online presence can be used against you or permanently removed without notice. We have features in-place to ensure you can grow your business and you will never have to fear unfairly losing your account.

We are about 85% of the way there although the timescale really depends on public donations!

Below are some of the features already implemented into our platform!


Features included on our platform:

  • A large amount of educational videos and documentaries available to watch for FREE.
  • Access to FREE privacy software.
  • The ability to create “Pages” very similar to facebook allowing you to create and promote your brand, showcase your work.
  • Private and group messaging between users.
  • The use of hashtags, usertags and media easily embedded into posts.
  • Easily submit your own cannabis strains to be added to a searchable database which then links you to the breeder.
  • An open market allowing the sale of paraphernalia, seeds, second hand growing equipment or expert advice from the more experienced in the community.
  • Local businesses can setup adverts allowing them to reach an audience of users who are all interested in cannabis based products.
  • Verified users and blue badges available.
  • Our own online seed shop, allowing verified users to place adverts outside the public market to a refined audience.
  • Safely connect with social clubs in your area.
  • Plenty  guides featuring information on how to make your own RSO, edibles and concentrates!

And many, many more!